Parent-child tour is a physical trial for parents? Let Airwheel SQ3 mini smart scooter to help

Abstract: Airwheel SQ3 as an intelligent rideable suitcase, is to help you enjoy the travel fully.


Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase

For children

It has 15L of storage space, enough to carry their clothing, snacks, toys and many other items. Not only that, Airwheel SQ3 mini electric scooter implements the “ride” function, riding speed up to 5km / h. Children can easily get started. Its intelligent riding handle not only pull out can be used, but also only designed with left and right sides of the handle, the right side of the acceleration, the left side of the brake, first brake and then acceleration can be reversed.


Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase

There is an internal integration of high-fidelity speakers, and support TF card reading and it can play children’s songs, fairy tales, e-books and other bilingual audio for children. It also has a Q cute shape. The whole suitcase is shaped like a woof, and there are three colors to choose from: princess pink, prince blue, and ivory white. The box also comes with a DIY sticker, the child can freely choose to decorate, to create their own personalized luggage.


Airwheel SQ3 kids suitcase

For parents.

It is safe enough to buy for the child with confidence. Airwheel SQ3 corners are smooth curved design, without a sharp corner. In addition, the box shell is made of three-layer composite pressure-resistant PC material, and reinforced with a one-piece molding frame, load up to 40kg, you can just how the child made. Considering the safety of riding at night and other dark environments, the rear wheel has a built-in self-generating light beads, which emits a dazzling light when rotating, enhancing recognition and alerting others to pay attention and avoid in time, and of course, enhancing the value and fun of the dark environment.

About boarding.

Airwheel SQ3 mini scooter suitcase can also accompany the passage. Its box body volume is 465 × 265 × 420mm, in line with the international standard specification of 20-inch boarding box, and the built-in battery can be plugged and removed without tools, the capacity of 51.2W, before the security check only need to quickly disassemble, it can pass smoothly, along with every flight trip.

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