A colorful suitcase brings a colorful journey–Airwheel SL3C

Abstract: Airwheel SL3C light and smart suitcase not only has a dazzling appearance, it can help make the journey more colorful.

Colors available

Airwheel SL3 NFC suitcase

Are you ready to start a really shining journey? There are as many as five choices for the box shell color. In addition to the classic brushed silver and fire rock black, there are also fashionable and versatile pink. The most eye-catching colors are desert rose pink and glacier blue. It can give people a fresh and bright look in hot summer, especially suitable for little fairies to choose.

Airwheel SL3 Smart suitcase

For more color changes and dazzling colors, Airwheel SL3C light smart luggage also has a smart APP specially developed for it, which can realize the flexible setting of the decorative lights of the box. The operation is very simple, you only need to download and install the APP on the mobile phone, you can adjust the color and lighting effect of the colorful atmosphere lights and PD ranger lights on the box. There are eight options for colors, including warm white, red, blue, and cyan, and the lighting effects include breathing, flickering, and long bright options. You can create dozens of personalized color schemes according to your own preferences and needs to match different Scenes, situations, enhance the sense of atmosphere when traveling.

Airwheel SL3 Smart suitcase

Smart unpacking

Airwheel SL3C smart suitcase also simplifies the unpacking steps when you want to open the suitcase to pick up items, avoiding the hot feeling of being unable to open it all the time. Different from the traditional turntable combination lock, the Airwheel SL3C light smart luggage has developed a smart unlocking mode and supports NFC and Bluetooth. NFC unlocking can automatically complete protocol initiation and data exchange through short-range high-frequency radio technology, and can easily unlock by touching within a range of 10cm; while Bluetooth unlocking is to open the APP, click to unlock, and you can remote control at 20 meters Unlock within the range. No matter which one you choose, it is easy to operate, which can effectively eliminate the hot and dry feeling in hot summer, and bring a silky-smooth convenient operation.

Airwheel SL3 NFC suitcase

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