You are gonna enjoy an anti-fatigue and worry free travel with Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase

Abstract: The main reason why I feel tired when going out is not only the busy schedule, but also the inevitable walking and heavy luggage. The former can be solved by planning the travel route reasonably, while the latter requires a smart rideable suitcase Airwheel SE3S.

Airwheel SE3S elecitrc luggage

Airwheel SE3S robotics suitcase can solve the two problems at the same time-storage and riding. It is equipped with a strong motor wheel and a smart riding handle. It only needs to press the telescopic switch to automatically switch to the riding mode. Driven by electric energy, the riding speed can reach 13km/h, which naturally solves the problem of mobility in places where there is no suitable means of transportation during the journey from the station to the connection point, inside the hotel, etc.

Airwheel SE3S elecitrc luggage

In order to meet the needs of long-term riding, the shell of the Airwheel SE3S smart luggage is made of high quality PC and ABS material, which has good strength and toughness, and is scratch-resistant, wear-resistant and waterproof. The box body is reinforced with a patented box frame, which is made of 6 series high-grade aluminum alloy material and is made of one-piece molding technology, which can fully support the box body structure, and the load can reach 110kg.

Airwheel SE3S elecitrc luggage

Since the Airwheel SE3S rideable suitcase is mainly driven by lithium batteries, it is necessary to strictly follow the relevant traffic regulations when taking a flight. The lithium battery capacity of Airwheel SE3S smart riding suitcase is 73.26WH, and it adopts modular design, which can be directly disassembled and powered off without tools. The box lock adopts the internationally accepted TSA customs code lock, which can avoid violent opening and inspection, resulting in property loss.

Airwheel SE3S elecitrc luggage

In addition to being more labor-saving to carry, in order to make the journey more convenient, the Airwheel SE3S electric luggage is also designed with dual USB charging ports on the outside of the box. During the journey, once the power of portable electronic devices such as mobile phones and Bluetooth headsets is too low, you can directly connect the data cable and charge it through the Airwheel SE3S smart riding luggage. Hassle-free power.

Choose the right travel mode and powerful travel equipment-Airwheel SE3 smart luggage, and enjoy the beautiful scenery during the journey leisurely!

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