How about the test ride of Airwheel SE3 ride-able suitcase at 2018 Hong Kong Electronic Fair?

Abstract: It is the second day of spring edition of 2018 HK Electronics Fair. Airwheel, specializing in intelligent travel equipment has released many great products. What a bustling scene at Airwheel booth 3F B15&B17, in Hall 3!


As one of the most influential electronic fairs in the world, the Hong Kong electronic fair begins on 13th April as scheduled and will last to 16th. Airwheel attended this electronics fair, in an attempt to show its excellent products to visitor across the globe and unveiled its new products. It is about offering you the right vehicle for the right trip at the right time — whether you need wheels for a midday meeting across town, a run to the grocery store or a weekend getaway. The first day has seen the busy scene at Airwheel booth 3F B15&B17, in Hall 3. Many have their test ride of its new arrival-SE3 a smart luggage that can be ridden.


Airwheel SE3 rideable carry-on luggage


Unlike SR3 or SR5, Airwheel SE3 smart electric ride-able suitcase is not only a storage travel equipment, but also a personal equipment that can be used for transportation. According to the visitors who test it, it is a great travel helper. On the one side, it is an ordinary pull rod that can be dragged as an ordinary suitcase. On the other side, it is a rider's rod. It fulfill the tires and riding rods retracted by simply manipulating the designated button. It can randomly switch between riding and dragging mode.



Airwheel SE3 features automatic retractable design and hidden riding levers saving space at the maximum; at the same time, one-button auto-expanding, simple operation, and free conversion between riding and dragging. The large non-slip wheels with special treads and excellent grip performance make it possible to overcome various road conditions while riding. Moreover, SE3 ride-able suitcase has equipped aluminum alloy rod to increase the strength and reduce the shake of the pull rod. The gear adjustment design adapts to different heights.



Welcome to visit Airwheel booth 3F B15&B17, in Hall 3 and try the smart suitcases at Hong Kong Electronics Fair till 16 April, 2018.

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