Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase offering practical, mobility solutions for both outdoor and indoor use.

Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase offering practical, mobility solutions for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Abstract: Here are new options for luggage, and we can choose it with more functions. Airwheel SE3miniT smart riding box is a popular choice.

Airwheel SE3miniT scooter suitcase offering practical, mobility solutions for both outdoor and indoor use. 

Sit to travel

Airwheel SE3miniT robotics suitcase is equipped with powerful motor wheels and lithium battery. During the journey, users can ride it and move at a speed of 6km/h. It is easy enough to walk in various occasions such as airports and stations. There is an electric telescopic structure, and we just press the telescopic switch, it will expand automatically.

During the journey the rider can also use spare capacity from the bag’s lithium battery to charge phones, tablets and laptops. A built-in charger allows the bag to be recharged from normal household outlets and there is a gauge to show how much power remains.

As a motorised, rideable, carry-on sized luggage, Airwheel SE3miniT can be stowed in an overhead luggage compartment on an airplane and dragged along manually just like any other bag.


Ride and go

It’s smart handles integrates acceleration, deceleration, and reversing functions, designed with left and right handles. The right handle controls acceleration and the left handle controls braking. At the same time, the operation can be used for reversing, and the direction depends on turning the smart handle to flexibly control the riding.


Can it be pulled?

In addition to riding, the two carrying methods of towing and carrying are still indispensable to supplement the needs of carrying in more situations during the journey. The towing bar of the Airwheel SE3miniT motorized rideable luggage is equipped with a hidden one-piece telescopic alloy rod. There are multiple gears for different users with comfortable towing feeling; there is elastic handle on the top, and the luggage’s weight is 7.5kg , which can be easily picked up when there are crossing thresholds and stairs.



In terms of storage, the internal storage space of Airwheel SE3miniT suitcase electric scooter can reach 26L, to meet the needs of travel within a week.  Its cover adopts side opening design with Velcro, and can adjust the opening and closing angle, 45° half open or 90° full open.  In addition, the interior design has reasonable functional zones, to ensure that the luggage is organized enough, easy to pick up and put.  

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